I love working with David because I think the social content that he produces is the best out there. I can always rely on David to produce high energy and top quality content showcasing the best of an event which I am trying to promote.  I can trust him to represent our brand in a responsible, brilliant way, and include the relevant messaging.  He is also great fun and a fab addition to any press group.

Jasmine Holland

Senior PR Manager, BT Sport

From boxing, to horse racing, to football, I’ve worked with David across a number of sports and for a variety of clients – and regardless of the scale of the job, his qualities always shine through. He’s always very professional, putting in the time to diligently research the backgrounds of any talent that he may be interviewing or sports that he may be covering – and he’s always punctual. His presenting style is slick and he strikes the perfect balance of keeping talent at ease, whilst gleaning the insight that fans want to hear – keeping the audience entertained and engaged whilst he does so.

His stock continues to rise in the sport industry and regardless of whether it’s a live event, BTS social story takeovers, content creation or an interview, I will always recommend him to clients. Whilst the term ‘You know what you’re going to get’ can sometimes come across as a backhand compliment, it is the absolute highest praise when it comes to Dave. He will always deliver and go above and beyond. Dave’s enthusiasm for what he does is infectious and above all else, he’s a great person – a true pleasure to work with on a personal and professional level.

Charlie Richards

EA Sports Account Manager, Clifford|French

We have used Dave for the past two and half years at William Hill, and I can honestly say he is an extremely talented and professional presenter and content provider. We have used Dave across all our partnered sponsorships, from our Matchroom Boxing x Anthony Joshua sponsorships to hosting our William Hill Arms England World Cup activation [which was nominated for the Sports Industry Awards].

Dave is a very versatile professional who we have used as a presenter, host, influencer and content provider, he constantly delivers on every brief given to him and is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Amy White

Sponsorship PR & Marketing Exec, William Hill

It’s clear to see from any content in which David features that he brings high energy and passion to everything he does. His fun, dynamic style is infectious and brings something different to content creation and presenting. He’s versatile, being able to adapt and adjust to suit his audience or interviewees.

David is a consummate professional. He is somebody you can rely on, somebody who ‘gets it’ and will be able to deliver the needs of a brand or channel with aplomb. Above all else, Dave is a great guy to work with, and somebody I look forward to continue working with for years to come.

George Cullen

Senior Account Exec in Sports Marketing & Sponsorship, Hill+Knowlton

Working with David Alorka has been an absolute pleasure for the past 4 years. I first directed him live from Olympic Stadium for the launch of FIFA17 and from then we have gone on some incredible projects.

David is one of the best people I have ever worked with because of his ability to get on with and motivate crew and contributors alike. This always ensures the final product is above and beyond expectation. His energy is infectious and I challenge anyone to find an interviewee that he isn’t able to get a good performance out of.

Stu Meldrum

Director & Co-Founder, Meldrum_Dent

David Alorka is always immaculately turned out and brings an energy to any project. He works well as a solo presenter but as struck up a brilliant partnership with Gareth A Davies when fronting William Hill’s boxing coverage.

Equally adept at live broadcasting and pre-recs, one of Dave’s biggest strengths is his ability to bring someone out of their shell. I remember one occasion when filming with Everton, Michael Keane, was rather shy and quiet when on camera, yet within five minutes, Dave had him laughing and singing.

As a social media creator, Dave really comes into his own, suggesting ways in which projects can also be amplified via the use of his social channels and large network.

Joe Crilly

PR & Communications, William Hill

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